Not all toilets are created equal.


Some are tall, and some are short. Many fat, while few are slim. Most are roundly, though others can be quite square. Some have you spending on their excessive, water wasting ways. Yet, the reserved ones are more considerate of your pocket, and the environment. Some are just old and knocking on toilet heaven’s door. A few of them, young and old alike, require Constant Plunging Remedies (CPR). The worst of them are those who vomit, nobody wants to clean up that reeky mess. If your toilet is experiencing any one of these symptoms, you may want to sit down with your family and discuss the hard, yet humane decision to make... putting your aging or ill toilet to sleep. It’s never easy saying goodbye, but we pray that eventually you will find your way into our showroom where we may introduce you to a younger, more suitable, more stylish toilet, that is humbly equipped with state of the art design and technology. That being said, by replacing a toilet with Vatero, we pledge that you will never have to perform toilet CPR again.


                                                                                                 Inspired by the arts – creative writing

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Produits neptune
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Inspired by the arts

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